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About me

Dhvani Bakshi

 Creative & Art director / Fashion stylist / Fashion blogger

Dhvani Bakshi is 31 years old, born and brought up in the capital of India, she is a Fashion design graduate and Master in Fashion styling and Visual merchandising, currently based in Bangalore and Delhi. She believes that she was born to style and dress, though she is not very choosy about the brands because she likes to pick up things right from the streets to the luxury fashion brands, whatever is unique, edgy and stylish attracts her, instead of speaking with words Dhvani loves to speak with her panache, she likes to create that image with different trends and inspire others.

She has been working as an Art director collaborated with various talents and ensured the creative strategy is met. Have worked as a Fashion editor & stylist for magazine editorials, commercial shoots, fashion videos and also works as an image consultant.

In spite of no professional learning for make up, Dhvani has always had a heart towards make up and beauty, and that passion shows in her work, for which she has been appreciated globally.

In 2017, Dhvani decided to open her own blog named
'TIME & VELVET' a blog that helps you to understand what's new in fashion for both men & women. T&V will definitely help you uplift your style as per new trends and will give you knowledge to decide what works best for you.

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