Wedding store'20 for MYNTRA
Comicon'19 for MYNTRA
Vogue lookbook for MYNTRA
DENIM fest banner '18
Harvard brand campaign'17
DESI FUSION brand campaign'17
Personal care shoot for MYNTRA
Zebra crossing for MOD magazine
All about you'17 for MYNTRA
Yin Yang for JUTE magazine
Product shoot'17 for All about you by Deepika Padukone
A glass of emotions for ATLAS magazine
Glitter tie ups for ELLEMENTS magazine
The Ravage for ROUGH magazine
Breeze edit'16 for MYNTRA
ANOUK brand campaign'16
Shirt story'16 for MYNTRA
The lines of chromaticity for VEUX magazine
Winter edit'16 for MYNTRA
Botanical garden for ELLEMENTS magazine
Spring/Summer/17 for MINT magazine
footwear store'19 for MYNTRA
SS'19 campaign for MYNTRA
A/W campaign shoot'18
Festive shoot'18 for MYNTRA
DENIM fest category shoot'18
YK Kids brand campaign SS'18
Vermillion for ROUGH magazine
YK Kids brand campaign AW'17
ANOUK brand campaign'16
Vogue trendcaster for MYNTRA
Product shoot for MYNTRA
S/S launch lookbook for MYNTRA
Freeze edit'16 for MYNTRA
EORS sale'16 for MYNTRA
Just by a margin for SOLIS magazine
Without a stitch for BAMBI magazine
Festive shoot'16 for MYNTRA
Footwear editorial'16 for MYNTRA
Shadows of isolation for DEFUZE magazine
April' blockbuster for MYNTRA
Candy crush saga for MINT magazine
Product shoot'17 for All about you by Deepika Padukone