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Summers x Shirts

Just because the weather is starting to get warm, does not mean that you should look sloppy. You can stay cool all while looking cool this summer. Whether you’re at the beach chilling with your friends or at a park for a summer picnic or may for just a casual outing you can still have great style. Here are few tips and pointers for summer outfits for your inspiration. Beat the heat, but look good doing it too! Summer Shirts Summers specially in some parts of India is with extremely hot which mean it is likely that you sweat, and sweat a lot more in the Summer. There’s honestly not a lot you can do to tame the sweats, but choosing the right materials can allow your skin to breathe and prevent your body from getting as overheated. Materials like nylon, polyester and rayon should be avoided. Instead, go for some of these Summer friendly fabrics.100% cotton/seersucker cotton/madras cotton – Soft, durable, breathable, and because it’s a natural fabric it absorbs moisture. Linen – Absorbs moisture but dries quickly, ensuring you’re not left with any noticeable sweat patches. Also a very good option can be linen blend if you don’t want to deal with wrinkled shirts. What to chose!! A simple Oxford shirt with shorts or vibrant colored chinos is a perfect Summer outfit, but you can also try out different styles of shirts, opting for grandad or Cuban collars will give your wardrobe a break from the conventional designs. Short sleeve designs are an obvious choice and can be matched with everything from lightweight chinos to jeans, just keep it to the casual days out rather than the office. SHOP THE LOOK : shirt : US POLO trousers : JACK & JONES shoes : SUPRA

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