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Just be summer ready

June is considered to be the hottest month of the year, and if we aren't ready to beat the heat in style now, it sure will be too late. There are few picks that one must consider while shopping for this summer and before I share some summer tips with you all, there are few things you must remember that Its of course hot weather but we should also remember, our style shouldn't go out of trend or style.

Elegant crop tops

Crop tops have been in trend for quiet some time, but choosing a right top that can make an excellent fashion statement in important. Such tops create an aura of grace and elegance yet keeping you comfortable to wear in extreme heat since they are light, super comfy and very fashionable. Choose the one which are available in different cuts and colours or prints to experiment much with your look with super chic coordinates.

Asymmetric cuts are very much in fashion and excellent picks for casual outings, frills are tassels like details can give can extra edge to your attire. Cropped trousers Skinny and tights are a big no, they make you feel ichy in sun and also uncomfortable. So there exists a beautiful trend that is one of my best picks of summer, Loose cropped trousers also widely known as culottes. Its a perfect piece of garment that can be well paired with not only for brunch look but also work, evening and chic look. While selecting one for yourself or even buying for others, one should also pay much attention to fabrics and quality since it going to make your life extremely comfortable and breezy. While choosing prints that will best coordinate with your look => Spring/Summer 2017 takes fashion back to the drawing board, re-defining a confident look with exaggerated lines, metallic effects, graphic prints. Colors you must have WELCOME to a season of colour confidence with intense summer sky blue and sunshine yellow, indigo blue also appeal and become an integral part of the season. White color can never go out of style so when in confusion white is always a better choice. Just remember to keep it soft, summer ready and vibrant since summer is all about being fun, chirpy and extravagant. Keep it minimal Of course when you hear of, Summer again!! you catch hold of sunglasses which is good to go, but why not we keep it more quirky yet simple by adding a sleek multi layer statement neckpiece to complete the look. It is simple and comfy since it doesn't stick much to the skin like choker neckpiece and still give us the complete look.

SHOP THE LOOK : top : FOREVER21 Trousers : ONLY neckpiece : PIPA BELLA footwear : DRESSBERRY

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