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Earthy look

Despite the fact that the “fair skin obsession” is fading by the day, when it comes to looking glamorous, many still believe that women with dark complexion cannot do much with makeup and colours. This however, is far from the truth. Makeup actually flatters dusky complexion, Is has become one of the biggest trends, even models, actress or normal people with fair complexion try to adopt make up tricks like bronzer, nude lips, darker foundation to make themselves darker that they appear. Women with darker complexion are often blessed with very dark, deep eyes, and dark lashes too. You can use this as the highlight of your makeup! Go for cream-based eyeliners, rather than liquid ones. Cream-based liners are easier to blend, and look more natural. Choose dark shades like browns, prunes, copper and burgundy for the eyeshadow, rather than lighter colours like pink or purple. Dark metallic colours can also be used. For your blush, go for shades like rose, deep orange and coral. Try to avoid shades like brown and beige, as they won't suit. Women with darker skin tones can choose a dark rose for the day, and shades like plum, wine and bronze for the evenings. For evening parties, shimmers with gold tones can work wonders for the dark complexion Both, matte and glossy lip colours go great on dusky complexion. You can even choose frosty and shimmery shades. You can go for dark shades like berry, plums, burgundy or mauve, but NUDE lips look better on dark skin. If you think your lips are dark, apply a tiny amount of foundation on them before wearing lipstick. This will bring out the colour better. To finish you look, do not forget to highlight your face to give that extra ounce of sexiness. Its a natural look and can be worn on daily basis, This is generally just sculpt your face in a nice and general way. SHOP the look : foundation : Bobbi Brown Natural Tan Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation SPF 15 concealer : Mib USA Concealer Palette eyeshadow palette : Makeup Revolution London HD Pro Eye Shadow blush : Makeup Revolution London Ultra Blush Palette highlighter : Bobbi Brown Bronze Glow Highlighting Powder lipstick : Deborah Milano Rossetto Atomic Red Matte Deep Rose Lipstick 07

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