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Summer style essentials for Men

Men’s summer trends can vary from year to year, but one thing you can always count on is the sun shining. Regardless of the weather, some pieces are always worth pulling out in the warmer months, and with this definitive list of summer essentials, you’ll never be caught out. Look 1​ Summer Shorts Okay, don’t roll your eyes just yet, I know it’s an obvious choice that comes to everyone's mind, but summer shorts for men have the ability to look either fresh, preppy and lightweight. Make sure you’re avoiding the god awful stage by following these simple guidelines.

  • Don’t go too short – Shorts that finish just above the knee is ideal. Anything higher is going to look a little odd, and honestly, no matter how great your legs are, no one wants to see that much of your thigh when you’re out and about, unless you are at the beach or gonna hit the pool.

  • ​Keep things trim – Baggy shorts aren’t a summer look for guys, so while I am not suggesting super tight fits, choose a perfect slim fit shorts that accentuate your body and not make you look bulky or tiny.

  • Choose your materials wisely – Fabrics matter for shirts and suits, but the same can be said for your legwear. Denim shorts for men are probably out of the question, and a chambray material is a good alternative, giving you the same textured finish but without the weight.

  • Give yourself choices – Cool summer clothes for guys are invaluable, so make sure you’ve got a few good options to choose from. Linen, tailored shorts for smart casual looks, chambray shorts for more casual outfits, and some colourful shorts when you fancy a more vibrant finish.

  • Pick the right footwear – Shorts and plimsolls is a comfortable, classic combination. Shorts and brogues aren’t unless its a semi formal classic look. Shorts and loafers is a smarter, more tailored combination. Shorts and boot aren’t. Bad combinations should be obvious.

Summer Loafers It’s time to mention the shoes, you can only really wear in the warmer months – loafers. They’ve been classic summer wear for most of the men for years and can easily be incorporated into a variety of outfits. Slip them on with some summer shorts and an oxford shirt or go for a more casual look with a pair of jeans and a plain T-shirt.Leather loafers look great and work well with more tailored outfits, but can get a little hot. Also a brilliant, advise always invest in some no-show socks to avoid sweaty feet. To all the men out there, this SUMMER lets try have more fun with fashion and not to get restricted to a formal or casual look. SHOP LOOK 1 :


shorts : JACK & JONES

footwear : CLARKS

Look 2 Slim fit chinos While you may hear chinos and think pants, worn with a properly fitted silhouette, they can be worn casually as shown here. Paired with the casual printed tee and the sneakers, the look remains completely casual, while offering temperature control on cooler days or in the evenings. They’re also perfect for lunch or dinner while at the beach or to a casual bar that you wouldn’t want to wear shorts to be extra mindful of a leg opening that’s too wide, this simple detail can kill the whole look. Sneakers that go well Second only to the boat shoe in versatility and style is the canvas sneaker. Your footwear choice is really the defining variable in whether your outfit is more casual or more dressy. Imagine the outfit BELOW with brogues or sports sneakers – especially with the linen shirt, it becomes a very dressy ensemble or semi sporty. But with the maroon canvas sneakers, the outfit is grounded as well-dressed casual. If sneakers without socks sound miserable, pick up some no-show socks that sit below the shoe opening.There are plenty of classic sneakers to choose from, start your search with PUMA or UCB SHOP LOOK 2 :

T- shirt : FCUK

chinos : MODA RAPIDO

footwear : NIKE

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