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Flowy Silhouette

With the fashion world finally parting ways with the likes of minimalism (kind of), a while modern takes on retro silhouettes are perfect for the girl who loves throwback everything. Flowy silhouettes and airy garments are big happiness for all the girls, the feel of romanticism and elegant comes into play which features in a beautiful outplay. Flowy Style : Airy organzas and lightweight chiffons are ready to infuse spring with elegance and drama. The dreamy trend which is likeable by most the women out ther, reimagining everything from simple tops to playful frocks, with details like frills, tassels, fringe and various types out cutout work amazing well for most of us. How to get this look : While everyone is wondering what, how when to wear this, I will give you some quick tips that will help you find your style and make it easy for you to style yourself. The best way to make any of your long, flowy dress a chic look, just add on a thin waist belt which will definitely help you accentuate your body and will give it a good figure, wearing HEELS with for sure help you uplift your body and make you more confident. Please remember it is not always necessary to wear extreme high heels or stilettos if you are not comfortable, wear what looks good and makes you comfortable, IF you want to try something new, grab on some alien shoes or block heels, even sneaker does wonders sometime (but that also depends on the type of dress you chose). Lastly, to end this look as I always say a statement jewellery is a great option, but you can also go for a sleek and minimal jewellery type if you are going heavy on the print. WHAT I AM WEARING : dress : H&M heels : ALEXANDER McQUEEN earrings : CUSTOMISED bag : MANGO

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