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What a better way to get through a cold winter than by dreaming about and shopping for the latest in spring/ summer 2017 swimwear trends for must haves? What could possibly make us happier than booking those warm weather vacations and putting together the perfect wardrobes for the coming year’s holidays down South to the beach? But in order to shop, we need to know the summer 2017 essentials and what exactly we require. ESSENTIAL no. 1 Tasseled/Fringed Swimsuits If you like having additional ornaments on your summer 2017 swimwear, wearing the garments not just to swim in but to enjoy walking about as well, then you might want to consider adding in some tassels and a whole lot of party fun, these are great for a beach party, day or night, .You could stick to string bikinis as well, of course, and perhaps dress up in a more obvious manner. The important thing is that once you don the tassels, there is no way you are not going to be having fun. Tear it up High waists and cut-outs or torn lowers/ shorts certainly make sense and they have been around for a few seasons now, meaning that there is something truly interesting about this summer 2017 swimwear trend.The ability to show a good amount of skin while still maintaining shape and beauty is not something to let go of either. SHOP THE LOOK : bikini top : FOREVER21 shorts : ROADSTER

ESSENTIAL no. 2 Length it all Don't be afraid to mix and match with lengths of your garment, not all of us want to wear hot pants and crop top while scrolling down the beach, so may be this summer lets try bermuda shorts with layered tops or a crop top as you prefer. For prints, since stripes have taken over crazily let try it out, may be stripes on stripes in similar hues but in varying widths is a good place to start. If you're feeling more ambitious prints, keep accessories as neutral and classic as possible. SHOP THE LOOK : top : ONLY shorts : MAST & HARBOUR footwear : ALDO hat : FOREVER21 neckpiece : PIPA BELLA

ESSENTIAL no. 3 SHOW OFF bBig, bulky of statement jewellery is a big no for beach, of course simple because you are out on vacation to chill, don't make your self feel heavy, as we all know without any accessories we always feel a look is incomplete therefore instead of heavy one's lets go for sleek and simple accessories that can show our way out. this deeply doesn't convey only rings you can of course experiment with sleek or layered neckpieces or may be bracelets. I am personally more comfortable with rings, because i love to accessorise by fingers. But you can suit yourself as per your style. Just remember as I always say keep it simple, keep it stylish. SHOP THE LOOK : rings : FOREVER21, PIPA BELLA and ACCESSORIZE.

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