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Whether it’s a tinder meet up, a blind date or just a night out with your other half, knowing what to wear for a dinner date can be tricky. Luckily, although I am not a masters of dating, but I know exactly how you can impress your loved one at first glance. So if you’re confused what to wear, then here are few styles I have picked up which will suit you irrespective of your size or shape. What to Wear to a Smart Restaurant If you’re wondering what to wear to a fancy restaurant then the safest option is to keep things monochrome, you can never go wrong with black and white because its classic, but Don't even keep it very simple, show that interest in your dressing, don't be afraid to try something because its going to suit you anyways. You can keep your trousers simple and solid, but try and experiment with your shirt and blazer, You need not wear a tie or bowtie, to make it feel fancy yet easy and comfortable. SHOP THE LOOK : shirt : JACK & JONES trousers : ETHER blazer : BLAZER QUARTER shoes : RUOSH

What to Wear for Dinner at the Parents

Dates aren’t always free and easy, and sometimes they can even be at your partner’s parent’s house. You’ll want to be comfortable but still look respectable, so a shirt with a subtle pattern paired with a good pair of chinos can be enough to keep you smart, but not overdressed. Finish off with a lightweight waistcoat to give the outfit some added warmth, while still maintaining its fitted, clean look. SHOP THE LOOK : shirt : UCB waistcoat : EVEN trousers : JOHN PLAYERS shoes : RUOSH

What to Wear at a Street Market

If you want to know what to wear to a casual dinner date, such as a meet up at a busy street market or food festival, then try playing around with casual colours and fits. Casual dinner dress doesn’t automatically mean boring slouchy clothes, but you’re not working out how to dress for a dinner date here, so you can keep things a little more relaxed.

Trying out footwear like white trainers, and keeping them as a strong, standout piece means you can pair them with a range of outfits and help give a relaxed, stylish finish. SHOP THE LOOK : t-shirt : GUESS trousers : ROADSTER shoes : ADIDAS watch : GIORDANO

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