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A fashion skirt is a basic element of the female image. The diversity of fabrics and patterns allows us to feel in different ways: sober or romantic, comfortable and sporty, bold and extravagant or luxurious and sumptuous. Fashion for the fall-winter 2017-2018, as before, is both democratic and traditional. Here are a few styles and picks on how one can pick and team their favourite outfits for different reasons. LOOK 1: MAXI, SIDE SLIT : In case you haven’t noticed, the maxi skirt is having a moment. The look of the newly slender modern maxi skirt is certainly maintaining the same sense of staying power. It works in a variety of climates and situations, depending on where your summer travels take you. When worn with a high-waisted maxi skirt, an itsy-bitsy bikini or crop top can comfortably go to lunch—even better if it’s paired with lace-up espadrille wedges or strap on heels. The maxi skirt is made for the lazy days of summer without, well, looking lazy. And doesn’t the luxurious life always involve a little relaxation? Below, the best way to take the throwback hem into this season and beyond. SHOP THE LOOK : top : MAST AND HARBOUR skirt : FOREVER21 footwear : SHOPETOPIA sunglasses : H&M


The pleated skirts remain just as current, creating a delicate and romantic look. The popular length is maxi or midi. Besides black and blue, fashionable are pastel shades, as well as glossy clothes.

Pleated skirts are dynamic and very comfortable. Fashion is not just the shades of black and grey, but also the monochromatic ones, as well as colored and printed ones. The fashion length is both above and below the knee. To make your look more chic and unique, grab on a different cut and silhouette to make is perfect for summer. SHOP THE LOOK : top : AJIO skirt : TOKYO TALKIES shoes : ZARA sunglasses : H&M

LOOK 3: TRAPEZOID : Trapezoid and flared patterns are also very popular with many advantages. The trapeze skirt suits women of any height. On the not too high ladies, the trapeze skirts will visually lengthen them, hide what is hidden, for example protruding hips. An elongated skirt will thin the waist area, and make the legs look longer. It is worn both daily and at special events. The length of the trapeze skirts is midi OR a little higher than the knee, and the flared downward falls below the knee. To style it differently you can team your skirt which may be solid textured or printed with a complimentary color or monochrome with a long tee with a side slit, which will give it a great look and attire. SHOP THE LOOK : top : H&M skirt : streets of mumbai (COLABA) shoes : STREET STYLE STORE shades : TALLY WEIJL

SHOP THE LOOK : top : H&M skirt : TOKYO TALKIES shoes : NEW LOOK FASHION shades : H&M

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