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As Subtle as it looks

Ask any seasoned or stylish holiday freak what she always packs, and chances are a kaftan forms styles the basis of her covetable attire. It's the one democratic item that doesn't require you to be tall, thin or in any form :p. The only way you can get it right is when you carry it right... while on the beach, out to the Rome ruins for beautiful vacay, all through lunch, possibly even to dinner. The kaftan can be worn in many different style from high street fashion to paired casually, its perfect for various scenarios just when you style it right. One of this season's trend which is my favourite, are kaftans, simply because they allow me to fit in my comfort zone of wearing silhouettes which are flowy, lose and has a romantic touch to it. Kaftans are no longer just a beach cover-up, it has now become one of summer’s most popular everyday dresses. online or offline you will definitely come across various new style that kaftan has taken its new avatar in such as color blocked, embroidered, bell sleeves, pom poms, tassels, asymmetric panels. Since I am a big fan for kaftans in any forms like dresses or tops, therefore my search for finding something new and unique is never ending. I recently decided to wear this beautifully draped kaftan from a great young designer called 'MARKKAH' for a evening get together with a family gathering where I decided to pair this gorgeous pastel color blocking asymmetric kaftan with a matching pastel blue and white heels and a statement neckpiece that compliments the looks.

To complete it all I carried a very stylist wooden clutch bag from a brand that I have recently explored called ' CRAZY PALETTE ' honestly as the name says it all its designs are exactly the same. I love how this wooden cultch bag has a BEAUTIFUL ELEMENT of detailed design on it and gives it a unique feel, I have always been a fan of clutches with are neither too small nor too big, but enough for me too keep my basic necessities and I love how perfectly well size and shape it had and its amazing to see how the brand has puts style and sustainability in equal importance. Photography : SHIVDEEP SINGH SHOP THE LOOKS: dress : MARKKAH by esha gualti heels : MAST & HARBOUR neckpiece : street shopping (Mumbai) bag : CRAZY PALETTE

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