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As of lately, say… past 6-7 months I’ve developed this condition you see. It’s called compulsive shopping for any midi style dress. And I’d like to think it makes me look good too. It’s gotten so serious that no matter what I go shopping for – groceries included – I make my way into some shop/store/mall/outlet and if there’s one midi dress in that shop, I find it, Clearly I have what they call a slight addiction. I call it obsession of the moment. What does midi mean? It’s a length okay, and it’s past your knees, or right around them, it can be tight, pencil, flowy, A-line, printed, embellished, casual, evening, dressy, messy – there is no limit to midi not being a certain way. I think the midi dress is probably the best dress style in the world, cause it fits every body type, every occasion, you can go from one event to a complete different one wearing the same dress. Perhaps you can just change the shoes and lil accessories that suits best your occasion. And yes it comes in a billon of styles to fit most occasions, although if you ask me any style goes for any occasion, most of the times. It’s a dress that goes from office spring days, to cocktail parties, to fashion meetings. It’s the definition of feminine sophistication mixed with a dash of retro and glam-diva. THIS MiDi dress is one of my recent picks and buys from a beautiful collection of MARKKAH, I find it extremely unique and gorgeous because it gives it a very great details and a great combination of formal and romanticism. TO SHOP THE LOOK : dress : MARKKAH by Esha Gulati shoes : CARLTON LONDON neckpiece : FABINDIA Photography : SHIVDEEP SINGH

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