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This trend is not a new one, but an oh-so-nice-one!. It has a touch of bohemian, tribal, 70’s and the Wild Wild West. It is an eye-catcher for sure. These bags are relaxed, effortlessly cool and incredibly fun. The style is ideal for the weekends as it is great to twirl around with a fringed, tasseled bags. If you're going to invest in one new bag this season, this could be the one. When we saw colorful fringe bags on the spring runways a few months ago, we knew we needed to have one. Or at least a style that reminded us of the Parisian perfection before our eyes. Equal parts structured and whimsical, they are exactly what our spring wardrobes are craving. Watching the dynamic swinging movement of the bohemian detail walk down the runway was like magic: I have already started planning outfits around the bag itself. The perfect statement bag for weekends in denim or any solids that make your bag take all the attention that it deserved. I've spotted these beautiful detailed, favourite bag trend of the season all over the place. Now, it's official: It's time to make the style ours. Whether you opt for a rainbow of hues, or keep your swinging fringe to classic black or brown, now is the time to choose this statement bag style for turning the heads back. DZIINE - the tassels all along the bottom side of the bags blended perfectly with the leather swatch material from which the bags were made. its beautiful to see how well the tassels get attention because of the perfect length it has obtained with some studs with a bit of metal on the swatch, for a more punk look. BAG : DZIINE Photographer : MAHESH BHAT

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