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How to wear sequins for daytime?

​You may have realised that sequins have made a major comeback this season, and we obviously can’t wait to wear them! If you still think that sequins are only good for a night out, then you should know you’re not at all up to date with the new trend: it’s time to try something new, namely, daytime sequins! The trick is to use the high-low method of building your outfit, match your sequins to a basic, classic or generally very easy piece of clothing… And there you go, you will look wonderful! To avoid looking over-the-top, it's all about balance: Style a boxy sequin top with a high-waisted basic skirt or a jeans, or pair slouchy sequin pants with a classic cotton T-shirt. Mix one bold piece into your look at a time and you'll definitely rock the look. Lastly, avoid pieces that fit too snugly. Leave those leggings and skin-tight dresses in favour of structured tops, midi silhouettes, and loose-fitting trousers. As mentioned earlier try to keep only 1 piece in the look stand out, we obviously don't want to be a disco ball on the streets and walk around. For the accessories as well try to keep it very minimal or even just a earring stud or a basic ring will do wonders for this look. To may be add a cool factor to your outfit you may add a cap or a hat which will give a great hint of funky and cool attitude. Lastly for the footwear you can wear flats as per your outfit or may be give ankle boots some chance.

TO SHOP THE LOOK: top: CLASSICCOUTURE skirt: ZARA footwear: Streets of Milan (Italy)

cap: H&M Photographer: SHIVDEEP SINGH Use the comment section below, to give your feedback. Let me know if you would also like to try blingy stuff in daytime and share your looks. Until then stay stylish and feel beautiful ~Dhvani~

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