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My reviews on Biotique products

Lately, I have been traveling so much, and due to my bad schedule I haven't had enough time to watch out on my skin and hair but has ultimately ruined it slightly, also the weather in Bangalore is not not making is any easy for my skin to adapt well, it constant weather change has left dryness and itchy scalp. Since, my skin is very sensitive to many chemical products I decided to take some time out to try 100% Ayurvedic based products which will help my skin gain its softness back. Therefore I recently tried BIOTIQUE and below are my reviews of the products.

1) BIOTIQUE apricot body gel This gel doesn’t dry skin and doesn’t leave any soapy residue like most of the body wash does and it’s very gentle since my skin is very sensitive, I tend to look for products which are gentle for my skin. It has a nice fruity smell and makes skin squeaky clean. Its orange in color and has gel like texture and doesn’t have any chemicals, since we all know its 100% Ayurvedic product therefore its extremely usable for most skin types.

2) BIOTIQUE basil and parsley soap The soap is green in color and has strong herbal smell, nothing artificial but quite strong. It doesn’t leave any soapy residue behind. It cleanses skin nicely without making it dry and stretchy. It claims to cure skin diseases. This soap helps in soothing sensitive skin. BIOTIQUE almond oil soap The soap appears to be somewhat transparent brown in color & fragrance is like that of almonds. I love the fragrance of it and the fragrance remains for couple for hours on your body. On application the soap slips on the skin so easily that it seems to be a pleasure using this soap.The skin does not appear to be dry even if no moisturiser is used which is amazing for those day when we are in extreme hurry or have forgotten to apply moisturisers. Thats why I think this is best soap to be used in winters, and since winter are coming I think its a perfect purchase for all.

3) BIOTIQUE bio green apple shampoo Changing your shampoo can sometimes be difficult, I am sure we all are stuck to 1 favourite shampoo that we all like to use, but sometimes using the same shampoo over and over again can also be damaging, as most o the shampoo contains chemicals, so Recently after many suggestions I ditched my favourite shampoo for biotique green apple shampoo and after the use my hair felt soft and oil free; more to it, even my scalp felt clean and oil free. Dandruff was also cleared after regular usage and this definitely left my hair soft and wavy, which was more than enough for me! So, I completely shifted my loyalty to the Biotique Bio Green Apple Fresh Daily Purifying Shampoo and Conditioner.

4) BIOTIQUE morning nectar Here is another bestseller from Biotique – the Bio Morning Nectar Lightening & Nourishing Lotion for all skin types. It is enriched with 100% pure honey, safflower extract, wheat germ, methi and seaweed, which go deep into your skin and provides utmost nourishment, if used regularly this product can also lighten your complexion considerably, not only that is it perfect for smoothing and softening your skin for people who has dry skin its perfect as it helps in reducing it.

The best things about these product are its extremely affordable and since it all for daily use its easy for all for buy and use it on everyday basis. the packaging of the products are great and also the different scent each product has varies from one another. It is natural, doesn't harm your skin in any manner and is an affective product. It is definitely a recommended from my side. I hope you all liked this post, and hope these reviews will help you chose better products for yourself. UNTIL then stay beautiful and soft with BIOTIQUE. TO SHOP THESE: products by : BIOTIQUE Photography : SHIVDEEP SINGH Retoucher : MAHESH BHAT LOVE ~dhvani~

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