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For best nail extension and nail art in Bangalore....

For about a year, I’ve wanted to try out fake nails. Like, really fake. Since I have this really bad habit of biting my nails, not now but ever since I was a child therefore the beauty and feeling of keeping long nail with different nail art was never a chance. Although I tried to take care of my nails by religiously applying a rich nail moisturising cream on them every night and also getting them manicured regularly, but of course my habit didn't really let these external things help me and make improvement. That is when I decided to treat my nails with acrylic nail extensions. Basically there are three nail extension methods beyond for those who haven't got one yet. These are: Acrylic, Gel and Fiberglass or silk wrap nail extensions. Acrylic nail extensions are basically the oldest forms of nail extensions, but I personally still prefer them over gel nails as Acrylic nails tend to last long for a minimum to 2-3 weeks depending upon your growth and tends to get more stronger with time when exposed to air, so the chances of it chipping out is lesser unless you hit your self very hard. I have been asked so many times by many colleague and friends regarding the damage it might do to my nails, But believe me I have had extensions before as well and from my experience it doesn't damage them, it definitely does weaken them a little but as it grows, the strength of the nail grows back and it becomes as it was.

After a lot of research on best services and reviews, I found a salon on Varthur Road Whitefiled, named 'Elan nail studio and spa'. Firstly, I just have to mention that the location of this studio is a heaven place by itself, even in this busy and crowded surrounding of ours this place seems to be in a very quiet, cosy and a beautify space in itself. the ambience of the studio is very clean and hygienic which I also tend to look for when I go to salon because I always have with phobia of cleanliness, for which I was very happy to see, the staff is always very friendly and welcoming, I liked how the owner Darshana, herself took an initiative in understanding my liking and help me decide what kind of nail art will suit my requirement and need more. When the service started the nail technician cleansed, filled and coated my original nails so the chemicals do not damage my nails, post which she mixed the acrylic itself to a mixture of liquid monomer and a powder polymer, which when combined form a hard protective layer that is sculpted over the natural nail, this process again followed by filing all nails in equal size and length, I would like to mention that the nail technician was very patient and worked to perfection, after she was done with filing I could not believe my eyes as they as in then looked real and gorgeous. In this process yours hand are also kept under UV light between each layer so that the finished result is hard but still flexible with a natural looking glossy finish which is both instantly dry and chip resistant. After the nail Extension process was over, we head towards nail art. As much as I like to experiment colours and prints and designs in my clothing when it comes to my nails I always like to keep it more neutral and workable, therefore I decided to go ahead with the classic french nail art, which without fail can go in any situation, or phase in life also it marries very well with any outfit. But just to give a little twist I decided to add a tinch of glitter and give an ombre feel to it.This picture that I had in my mind of classic french nail with ombre glitter was very well executed by the nail technician. I would definitely recommend this salon for experimenting your style from simple to quirky nails, they have got it all.

However if you would like to remove your nails and don't wish to go to salon, here are the steps you can follow to remove your nail extensions at home. Please see removing your acrylic nails incorrectly may result in nail damage and could leave the nail beds in very weak condition. So it is advisable to flow the steps: Things you will need:–

- A flannel or cloth

- A glass bowl

- Petroleum jelly

- A bottle of nail polish remover which that contains acetone

- Nail file and buffer

- Cuticle oil (optional but highly recommended) Step one

Protect the surface you’re working on with an old rag or towel. Wooden surfaces in particular may be stained by nail vanish, as it can damage the finish

Step two

Pour the bottle of nail polish remover into the glass bowl, just enough to soak the tips of your fingers comfortably.

Step three

Acetone, the ingredient in the polish remover which dissolves the acrylic extension, is extremely drying. Therefore to protect your skin and cuticles, apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly.

Step four

Soak your fingers in the acetone for approximately 15-30 minutes. You will know when the acetone is beginning to work because the acrylic on your nails will start to turn ‘gummy’. When this happens take a cloth or flannel dipped in acetone to remove the sticky top layer and pop the hands back into the acetone again to soften the next layer. Repeat this process until all of the acrylic has dissolved and you are left with only your natural nails.

Step five

Once the acrylic has dissolved, remove your hands from the acetone and wash them thoroughly with a moisturising hand wash. Once you have done this trim your nails to the desired length and buff them gently until you have achieved the shape you want. At this stage you can also then softly buff any remaining glue from the surface of the natural nail. Finish with some cuticle oil.If soaking your nails off at home do not become impatient and pull the last bits of product off – this will result in nail trauma and will weaken the nail bed. Simply keep repeating step four until all acrylic has dissolved. Also be careful not to over buff the nail, as again this will weaken the nail bed. I hope this post has helped you know much better in detail about nail extension, I hope you to try your stylish nails at the ELAN NAIL STUDIO AND SPA, do comment on the section below and share your feed back, also if you visit the salon please do share your pics as well would love to see your version. UNTIL then stay stylish and glamorous with Elan nail studio and spa. TO SHOP THE LOOK: service: NAIL EXTENSION & NAIL ART location : ELAN NAIL STUDIO & SPA Photographer & filmed by : SHIVDEEP SINGH Yours truly : ~Dhvani~

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