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How to make your workwear look more stylish.

When it comes to finding the best women’s workwear, I am not just talking about staple tailored trousers and collared shirts, I mean working this season’s key trends into your office outfits. From floral dresses and ruffle skirts to embellished shirts and smart heels.

The key to achieving a refined look for work, day-after-day, requires two things:

1) Prep. Never underestimate the power of preparation. Every night before bed, I check the weather for the following day and pick an appropriate outfit in advance — hanging it outside my wardrobe to avoid temptation to change it the next day and try to save some minutes in the morning.

2) Minimise your workwear wardrobe to a small capsule collection — a bunch of high-quality, neutral staples that can be mixed and matched together is seriously all you need. Obviously, you can style these key pieces with other trend pieces which is always easier. . .

Lately, from all my friends, I have been getting to hear that their workwear outfit is extremely boring and basic, understanding the matter of fact that it can't change within a day or two, but we can always slowly try to incorporate and staple the olds with the new trends together. So, I recently got this amazing black colour, sleeve embellished shirt from a brand called Hanger, which is amazing because this shirt not only solves my purpose for a work wear look, but definitely solves my evening look too if styled correctly, I am totally in love with it.

To style it well for an office look I paired this shirt with an ongoing gorgeous floral trend, this skirt again one of my favourites too because these pieces are always classic, they are always in trend only the silhouette could vary but as they all say you can very go wrong with florals in any form and manner. To complete the look I wore eye catching heels which would definitely give me height and a good posture to my body, since on the accessories I wanted to keep it simple and minimal therefore, I wore only a statement ring which complimented my look and yet made it look chic and crisp.

I decided to wear this for workwear, because I feel nowadays we aren't given much importance to our 9-5 workwear wardrobe which is important because we spend most of our time in it, and if we feel look and confident during that time wearing it, it will surely reflect in our moods and attitude. Whether you're a recent grad about to enter the job market or a seasoned professional in need of a refresh, there are certain pieces you can always count on for timeless 9-to-5 polish and I feel this look works for all age and job type, at the end of it, it makes us look all stylist young and professional.


skirt: VERO MODA

heels: CLARKS


Photographer: MAHESH BHAT

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post, to all those stylish people out there... go believe in the power of dressing and lets make a unique statement by trying new styles.

goodbye, until the next post

~ Dhvani ~

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