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Best 2 trends to be autumn ready.

When it come to choosing a trend for this season, my picks would definitely be one which depicts a colour trend and the other outfit which shows the trend that runways are showcasing.

We all usually think that the clothes that models wear on runways or fashion shows may not be worn in our daily lives, but when we all look at fashion shows we don’t should think that we are not suppose to blindly follow that is been showcasing, we should look for trends that we feel would suit our appearance , our taste and our body type the most. Fashion/ style is something that one should follow blindly specially when we are unsure of certain things, along with this there are always few styles of colours, silhouette, trends, look that works for all generation body type and look. So, today I will be discussing about 2 TRENDS that is a big this season and yes no matter how you look, you too can carry it out with amazing confidence and attitude. Trend 1 : Embroidery Autumn is just around the corner and it is announcing itself in embroidered colours. Embroidered bags, embroidered shirts, embroidered dresses, embroidered jackets, embroidered leather jackets. And one of my favourite trends this year. This year this artful trend is making a fierce comeback! You can surely choose where and how you want your embroidery trend to be, but this is something you don't want to miss on, if you are looking for various outfits that can fit your embroidery mood trend quickly visit : and look for what will suit you best. For a recent get together with my girl gang, I choose to wear this beautiful embroidery detail dress by THE HANGER, i wanted to style myself in minimal form as I wanted to give the dress more attention and honestly it definitely did, so complete the look I accessories myself with gorgeous loops by KAZO and a watch which is my new obsession nowadays by DANIEL WELLINGTON, and of course how they say without a matching footwear your look might completely go wrong, therefore I decided to pair this look with a similar colour tone and attractive call out detail by a fresh and young brand PRESAFLATS. This look is comfortable, trendy and amazing for day time when you want to keep it minimal but still be stylish. TO SHOP THE LOOK: dress: THE HANGER

footwear: PRESAFLATS


earring: KAZO

photographer: MAHESH BHAT

Trend 2 : Colour of the season Millennial pink is finally taking a backseat for this new colour trend, As gloomier days are slowly arriving, it’s only fitting to contrast that by sporting a bright colour like mustard yellow.

While there is no hard science to prove that wearing bright clothing can lift your mood, it's enjoying such popularity for a reason.

Yellow has a reputation for being flattering on most skin tones, but still certain shades or tones of yellow could be appealing to few, finding the right shade of yellow is a must. Olive and dark colourings will suit the bold neons and bordering-on-tangerine hues, whereas those with fairer skin should look to lighter, lemony variations. Yet this is another trend that can fit all moods, skin tone and body type and also finally we are getting to change and do lil add ons to our wardrobe.

There for a recent fashion event I wanted to pull out something that will enhance my skin and which is trendy as well, I choose to wear a bright mango colour off shoulder top by THE HANGER, and top pair this top I wore loose fitted high waist trousers by ZARA, to complete this look I wanted to give a chic look to my hair therefore I accessorised my hair with a Swarovski crystal hai rclip by KOSMART. You can too try this look and try your own version on yellow/ mustard that suits you the most.



trousers: ZARA

heels: ADDONS on myntra

hairclip: KOSMART


I hope these inputs will be useful for you , to help you understand what will suit you the best this Autumn, you can comment on the comment section below and let me know which embroidery product inspired you the most and which yellow/mango colour shape fit your skin type. until then stay stylish. ~ dhvani ~

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