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Style checklist for 2018

The start of a new year inevitably brings with it an entire collection of fashion trends to try to get ahead of. But before we look ahead to 2018, it's time to look around the 2017 pieces you've yet to buy — and determine which ones are still worth investing in. With these, I am not talking about your typical wardrobe essentials, or pieces you must own in your wardrobe. I am talking about the pieces that ruled the year, the ones that dominated the runways, that was a big hit on street fashion. Here is the trend that will have a lasting effect on the streets and on peoples mind, meaning this is a definite yes to go and invest on. As we talk about the fashion from 2017 that will guarantee the flow with this years trends, here are some of the important factors you must consider. - FASHION colour of the season : YELLOW as we all know during the fashion weeks and while we must have scrolled though our Instagram page and found fashion pages concentrating on and showcasing an array of pretty shades like lavender and orange take the centre stage, But there was one unexpected colour popping up over and over again: YELLOW. if we recall back, we'd remember in 2017 the shades and tone of yellow was a super hit and this colour has definitely made it to 2018 but as more towards a dark yellow shade. - Ruffles : in 2017 ruffles, were one of the biggest trends to follow and own and with this new year, it was still managed to continue with the rhythm, with a bigger and more creative manner, this is one detail you could look for while you are shopping for any outfit and silhouette type. - beaded chain : jewellery is the most important part to complete the look, without this it always a missing factor, long chain and neckpieces have always been a thing in fashion factors but as the continuation from last year's, beaded and colourful studs have been a agenda on the fashion forum. SHOP THE LOOK : dress : THE HANGER jacket : DOODLAGE neckpiece : THE BLING BAG footwear : DELHI STREETS photographer : SHIVDEEP SINGH

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