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Flowy clothes will make your monsoon easy

There was a delicacy to spring 2018 fashion. Whisper-light fabrics with beautiful movement are everywhere. Lace, fringe, and swingy silhouettes, comfort and a feminine edge. Shades of yellow or mustard colours are flattering to most of the skin tone. Moving towards monsoon one should also dress up in appropriate ways that will help you keep it easy, comfy, vibrant, trendy and of course stylish. Zooomberg is an online/ offline store based in Mumbai. There collection is a saviour for all occasions and seasons. People who are crazy about prints and patterns, You will find beautiful, re-imagined floral patterns on almost every type of fabric for all seasons. We all know that Off-the-shoulder styles combined with bell sleeves were on all the fashion runways for this season. But they have style options that is for all segments. The best things about Zooomberg is, unlike most of the online websites that we see either the design doesn't do justice to the clothes we receive or the fabric is bad but i have genuinely received what I ordered for or saw on the website. Their fabric quality is smooth, not rough for the skin and defines what you see. You might even consider your pajama pants street attire this season from their collection. I recently got a beautiful printed dress from Zooomberg, though honestly it was just for collaboration and I personally didn't buy it but I was super impressed. I received the product in exactly within 24 hours and I was happy because the quality was amazing it is perfect for monsoon, it doesn't stick to my body or i don't feel sweaty and it is exactly how I had imagined. It has a great flowy feminine feel to it even with its silhouette and totally goes for even summer time.

I would definitely recommend to try this website or store if you are in Mumbai. SHOP THE LOOK :


photographer : SHIVDEEP SINGH

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